Logo Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH)Logo Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)Landseer kennel from Petersberg since 1973

Mr. Dr. Hans Matenaar, Träger der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH sowie der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH mit Kranz
Mrs. Christa Matenaar, ebenfalls ausgezeichnet mit der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH sowie der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH mit Kranz

Founder of the Deutscher Landseer Club (DLC) e.V. (1976) as the oldest Landseer Club in the VDH and worldwide in the FCI

Our breeding line


The 'vom Petersberg' Landseers are descended from healthy and proven ancestors. The first of them came into our house as a puppy in 1972. The breed was at that time under threat of extinction. We did not have the slightest idea then that we were acquiring one of the very last of the rare surviving examples. Some experts already believed that the Landseers were lost. However, we were so enthusiastic about our Baron von Waldeck that we decided there and then to do everything in our power to prevent the extinction of this noble breed.


Clae vom Weinberg und Cläre vom Heidenberg 19741974: Clae vom Weinberg and Cläre vom Heidenberg


It was with that in mind that we brought together in our house every Landseer capable of being used for breeding which was still to be found, or which was offered to us. We began the breeding of them with three males and three females, which establishes three separate lines. Those are the lines which today still represent the breeding foundation of the 'vom Petersberg' Landseers.


Othello von Schartenberg Cennen Smokey Dawn (Engl. Imp.)
Othello von Schartenberg Cennen Smokey Dawn (Engl. Imp.)


When I examine the pedigrees of our present Landseers, I find in them all our original dogs as far back as the 6th, 7th and 8th generations. Not a single one has been lost. All of them have passed on their genetic footprint to the dogs which we have living with us today and which we are using for breeding. Numerous memories are bound up with these names from the past. In a certain way, in a new shape we are always rediscovering anew our dogs from yesterday in their descendants. A particular silhouette, a typical reaction, a special behaviour, a touching expression in their eyes suddenly reminds you of a dog long gone, a dog you loved, to which you were close, and with which you had a special relationship. Meeting again like that gladdens one's heart, and one feels comforted in the event, and rewarded for all attention given to the careful planning of interbreeding, for all the work necessary in the rearing of little puppies and for the care lavished on these precious animals.


Baron von Waldeck Asta von der Schalksburg
Baron von Waldeck Asta von der Schalksburg


In the meantime the Landseers have found frineds all over Europe who invest in the breeding of this ancient breed so rich in tradition. Let us welcome these developments. May it ensure that our dogs make real progres in their health, their beauty, their well-being. It is only in that way that they will be guaranteed a future in the dog world.