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Mr. Dr. Hans Matenaar, Träger der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH sowie der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH mit Kranz
Mrs. Christa Matenaar, ebenfalls ausgezeichnet mit der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH sowie der Goldenen Ehrennadel des VDH mit Kranz

Founder of the Deutscher Landseer Club (DLC) e.V. (1976) as the oldest Landseer Club in the VDH and worldwide in the FCI

Our studs


Under this heading we would like to present not only the two males who are presently in residence with us, but equally and in no precise order, the other males from the 'vom Petersberg' breeding line, which have made their contribution to the breeding of Landseers in general.



(*27.04.1998 / +16.12.2007)

ORLANDO vom PETERSBERG: owned by 'vom Petersberg' Kennels. With us he keeps watch over the house and the estate. He has - belying his age - the finest bearing of all our dogs. It is a real joy to see this nine years old male crossing the wide grassy lawns with his imposing stride! It is owing to his solid and strong bone structure as much as to his muscular limbs, that he still has the power to display his magnificent bearing. Unfortunately, he has only once sired a litter, and that was immediately after being declared suitable to be a stud. But from this litter not a single puppy was used for stud and carried on his line. When Orlando was used for stud a second time he fell victim to an inflamatory infection caught on contact with a bitch coming from another country. He was rendered sterile for life. Nonetheless, he keeps and maintains his place with us.

Orlando vom Petersberg



(*19.12.2004) - HD A1 - Thrombopathie frei

YEOMAN vom PETERSBERG: This young male, long in the leg, has returned to us, and at the present moment needs a new home with a family with a big garden and sufficient time for him. It would be ideal if he could have a companion bitch with which he could play and have fun. There would be no problem if it were a much smaller bitch of another breed, providing that she was of a good character and of playful temperament. Yeoman, still an adolescent, has not finished developing. If he can benefit from enough physical activity, he will continue to grow in stature, and he will become an imposing example of his breed. To accomplish that he needs another year or so.

Yeoman vom Petersberg



(*05.04.2000) - HD frei

RUFUS vom PETERSBERG: owned by the Heylen family in Tremelo, Belgium, 'Senhuspysa' Kennels. He is free from dysplasia (A), and he has achieved several successes at shows, He is an International Champion, Belgian Champion and Luxemburger Champion. He has sired two fine large litters out of Katscha von der Silberdistel under the aegis of the BLK. Another litter was sired under the aegis of the VLD. A young bitch Sissi von der Silberdistel has just joined the kennel. She will probably produce the next litter sired by Rufus.

Rufus vom Petersberg